Perma Wall Siding
Beauty, strength, and value – Perma Wall Siding is a great choice for today's homeowner.
This revolutionary SOLID CORE wall system is everything conventional vinyl sidings wish they could be. Its durable, maintenance free exterior is fused together with SOLID CORE insulation for straighter, more attractive walls, superior R-values and air infiltration ratings, and guaranteed impact resistance. Not only will it make your home beautiful on the outside, it also acts as a sound barrier keeping your home quieter inside.

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Only top quality workmanship goes into these panels manufactured especially for Thermal Construction!

Superior panels only from Thermal Construction
• Exclusive insulated wall system.
• Thickest maintenance free panels available.
• Large choice of accessories including shutters, custom trim colors, door pilasters and more.
• New designer colors.

perma-wall siding

PERMA WALL Solid Core Siding

• The solid core wall system has been tested and proven better than conventional sidings.
• R-Value - 4.5 is 450% greater than that of a conventional siding application.
• Air Infiltration Ratings - 17% better than conventional sidings.
• High Impact Performance - Performs 300% Better.
• Our siding panels width has TWICE the coverage and HALF THE SEAMS of conventional siding.


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