Paint Refinishing Aluminum | Wood | Vinyl
Bring your siding back to life! Thermal Construction offers
a complete cleaning and resurfacing process to bring your
old siding back to life!

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Make your home look like new again!

Aluminum / Steel Siding
This type of siding is made of a non-absorbent surface which oxidizes from years of exposure to UV rays and natural moisture. At Thermal Construction, we use our airless paint system to restore your siding to look like new again.

Wood Siding - Smooth, Shake or Cedar Siding
Staining or Painting available. Upon inspection of your property, we can determine the condition and recommend the proper material options for you to consider for the project.

Vinyl Siding
Extruded vinyl can lose its color and luster from UV and moisture damage. You no longer have to live with the fading and distorted color changes that happen with this type of siding. Vinyl Safe coatings are now available to renew and rejuvenate any vinyl or plastic resin siding.

Yes, Thermal Construction does interiors of all sizes.

Home Paint / Refinishing projects can include:

• Awnings • Shutters • Doors • Railings • Accessories

Thermal Construction can repair almost all sidings, reinstalling the style and size of the existing siding before we paint / refinish your home.

Thermal Construction's Refinishing Services Includes:
• ECO friendly and biodegradable products.
• The latest paint equipment in re-spray technology.
• Custom colors and stains.
• Exteriors & Interiors.
• Siding Repairs - Steel / Aluminum and Wood.
• Thermal Construction's courteous employees.

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